Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Isabelle

today is my baby's 5th birthday. it just doesn't seem possible that she could already be that old. it feels like just a short time ago i was pregnant with her. wow! she is my stubborn child, we could never get her to reveal what her sex was during ultrasounds. each and every time she kept her feet firmly planted between her legs so nothing showed. after she was born my family headed to the stores so she would have some clothes to wear:)

the party theme this year is 'Maggie and the Ferocious Beast'. we found the party stuff at a "dollar store". i will make her cake and have already made her card. i have been making the invites for the kids parties the last few years too. i just google whatever the theme is and print them out on postcard blanks. it's cheaper to mail and i know that if the recipient trashes it i've not spent a ton of money on fancy invitations.

this is my first time at doing a 3D anything as well as stamping. the stamping was driving me nuts. i couldn't get a clear image or if it stamped clear then i got the edges of the mounting which to me is worse! i shall practice more to see how things go.

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