Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scrapbooking Groups

i am in a few scrapbooking groups on myspace. i have "met" a number of really nice women in them. actually the same ones in all the groups. lol... i began joining swaps about a year ago, i have even hosted a few. it started out being really fun, getting to share my work with others and getting some great things back. lately tho there has been so much drama and crap in the groups that swaps are no longer fun. i understand that everyone has a different level of ability and creativity when it comes to what i get back in a swap. i don't understand why someone would send something that is crap tho. i mean mixing christmas paper with halloween paper to make an autumn tag is something i don't get. it just seems like someone just slapping things together to call it done. especially if they don't sign their crappy work. i mean if you're gonna send it out you should own it. sign it, we all make something that just didn't turn out right.

i also hate when a swap is held up for a month or longer! because someone didn't send their stuff in on time. it burns my ass when that person starts giving excuses about job, family etc and some of the others just kiss their asses and say, "oh honey it's ok, this is just scrapbooking". umm, yeah! duh, you joined the swap now follow thru! i have a friggin' life too. would these same people tell their boss all these excuses for why they can't get a job done? if you make a commitment you should follow thru, no excuses. we all live outside of myspace but can still get our things sent in. you made the decision to sign-in and put your name down. it only takes a few minutes to drop things in the mailbox.

which brings me to another swap issue. the thief. yes i got screwed by a girl that hosted a number of swaps then has decided she just dosen't have the time to send anything back regardless of the fact she has everyone's SASE. she told me i was being a bitch because i just couldn't be understanding of the fact that the swap was 7 months late.

advice? beware at all times if you swap!

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Ann said...

Yay! I can finally leave a comment!

I am very selective as to what swaps I join now, if any. I am focusing on my scrapping pages instead of swaps.

I have a big box full of tags and other things that I will never use. For the most part it is some great work. But I will never use it.