Tuesday, March 10, 2009

this blog

hmmm, this blog. i created this blog so i could follow other blogs. lol it's a way to feed my addiction to scrapbooking in digital form as well as make signature tags. how often will i actually post any thing? well that remains to be seen. i'm only posting this right now because i'm waiting for some tags to upload to photobucket and for a scrap kit to download:) ohhh, and to kinda fill up all the blank space on my public profile. lol

hey, i may actually make a slide show of some of my tags and post them on here.

i'd love to do like some of the other women and learn how to make my own kits to offer for sell as well as freebies. i guess i should say that i work in photoshop elements. it was a gift for mom's day a few years back and as i am self taught for all this digital stuff i wasn't gonna get the expensive ps. now i want it since i've learned my way around:)

perhaps i'll post more rambles another day!

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