Thursday, April 9, 2009


it all began yesterday afternoon. i kept getting pop ups, every time i opened internet explorer i would get a pop up. usually offering me virus scan or security software. i already have all that and it is all very up-to-date. so i started a virus scan but found nothing, still getting the pop-ups tho. i then locked down my firewall and dis-connected my internet line. then did another virus scan. still nothing. so i powered off and went to bed hoping i wasn't infected w/ a trojan or a worm. this morning i decided to download Firefox and give it a try. no pop-ups w/ it. i was getting pop-ups still this morning on IE. still getting used to Firefox.

i am beginning to wonder if it isn't just Microsoft trying to get me to download the newest version of IE. that's supposed to be one of it's features, enhanced pop-up blockers. i was only getting the same 5 or 6 ads. i know, sounds paranoid but...

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Ann said...

I nominated you for some blog luv.