Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Downloading Scrap Kits

well i was up until 2 am downloading scrapkits. i know that i don't have limitless storage space on my pc but it is just like buying regular scrapbooking supplies for me, addictive! if i like it i get it, might never use it but there ya go.i may actually do a few more digi LOs and post them here. i don't really know when i'll get them printed to put into a book but i'll have made them. i just need an outlet to put my creativity to work.

one thing i do know is that i need to go to bed earlier!

here is a digi LO i did awhile back....

btw, for some reason i have this need to make it look like a traditional scrap page even tho i love some of the really artistic LOs some ppl do.

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