Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthdays and Motley Crue!!

yesterday i celebrated my 32nd birthday, well i guess if you wanna call going to the grocery store celebrating. i do have a twin sister, Melissa, but we don't get together to do anything. she is my opposite. i usually spend the day with my lil family:) this year tho i got to go see Motley Crue!!!! well they played the night before but.....

me and my older sis Tina have always loved Motley Crue and last month i heard on the radio they were coming to The Arena in Corbin. woo hoo, i called my sis immediately from the truck. she went online and saw that tickets went on sale the following Monday at 10 am. we were there! we didn't buy floor sets cause see didn't want spend that much but we got awesome seats just to the side of the stage and up some. we were about 50 ft from the stage, i'll add here that the arena is small and holds about 6000 ppl so there really aren't even any bad seats.
hubby volunteered to go with me but in the next breath asked what do they sing? i could have died! note here, we were just getting ready to go see Larry the Cableguy at The Arena. after that horrible nightmare of trying to get in and out we learned to park in town and take the shuttle bus. The Arena only has one way in and out, straight up a mountain side.

weather was giving severe storms and we had to stand in the rain in a looooong ass line waiting to get wanded and got wet. security comes down the line saying no cameras! i asked what we were supposed to do if we rode the shuttle, leave it in lost and found and get it later. i'm like shit no, i was ready to catch the shuttle back to my truck. Tina's friend Sandra had just dropped her son off tho and she came back for them. her son works there and had front row center! he got some awesome pics and shared cause my phone just couldn't get the job done:( he even got to pass the bottle from Tommy Lee. (swoon here) Love Tommy Lee!!!!!!

btw, this was my first ever concert. i had to buy my sis a beer cause she forgot her id, i don't drink tho. i think i was getting a buzz from all the beer fumes tho, LOL!!! my ears are still ringing just a little. it was so small inside, the crowd was so loud combined with the bass i could barely make out the words even to songs i know from way back. but all in all i loved it!!!!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


I have made 2 blinkies, YAY! these little boogers are a LOT of work but well worth it. They are for the tagger group i have become a co-moderator for on myspace, Soft Heart Designz. I followed the tutorial on Cen's Loft here. the first time i made one it just wasn't that great but i opened a blinkie from one of the scrap kits i've downloaded in photoshop and really saw how many layers there are. when i say layers i mean 40 or more. it's like making a cartoon, each graphic is moved a tiny bit on each layer and when it is animated, voila! i am very pleased with them and will make one for my blog at some point.

on a different note, a little over 2 weeks ago my little Maltese Popcorn was attacked by some dogs. he's such a little guy, barely 5 pounds, but thinks he's the resident bad ass. i heard our basset barking, sounded like she was barking at someone but she was looking off into the woods. no sign of Popcorn, he's always with Beauty when i let him out. i called and called. he slowly comes out of the woods and heads straight for the house. i put him in the bathroom, which is his room cause i was leaving. i got home a few hrs later and he was still shivering. as i was bathing him i found blood! scared the crap out of me!!!! he had 4 puncture wounds on his rear legs. 2 on each side and i couldn't get one to stop bleeding. our area vets suck!!! couldn't find one that was even in, this was a wed. afternoon. i held him wrapped in a towel all afternoon and evening. he's doing fine now and the wounds are healing but i worried all that evening about my baby.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday!

well i finished the card for Kristin's challenge. actually i finished it Sunday nite and here it is almost Thursday. took me that long to get around to uploading the pics from my little camera. truthfully i suck at making cards but there are so many birthdays this month thought i'd give it a go. my baby is turning 11 on the 21st and me and my twin sis celebrate our 32nd bday on the 17th.

i used the heart flower i made from one of Kristin's other tutorials. it was my intention while i was doing it to add it to a card. well i followed Kristin's instructions for making a pop up card so i finally had a reason to use it:) after i finished the card i realized that it was really pretty simple. i also suck at stamps but am pleased with how well this one turned out.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I got it done!! well i finished it a few days ago and just now uploaded the pics from my camera.

This LO is for a challenge over on Kristen's Blog.
The challenge rules are:

Pick 4 or More of the Following Items:
~ Handmade Tag
~ No Pattern Paper
~ Large Letter
~ Use 1 Large Flower
~ Bling
~ 4 or more Photos
~ 12 Buttons
~ Use the colors pink, brown, and white
~ Corragated Cardboard
~ Use Rubons
~ 3 Pattern Papers
~ Black & White Photos
~ Machine or Hand Stitching
~ Use Paint

So I used; 3 Pattern Paper, 4 or more Photo, Handmade Tag and Large Letter. The tag was made By Linda and i got it from a swap.the 3 patterened papers are 2 different camos and the denim in the large C.

I Won!!

Hooray!! i entered a contest over on JaleeRenee's blog to name a color palette for one of her beautiful new kits and i won!!! this is not something i do often because i never win things but i checked my email yesterday and there it was! i downloaded the kit yesterday evening and can't wait to start making things with it! it is so feminine and i love the calm serene colors. Thank you JaleeRenee:)
you can see the post HERE.

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's been a while.....

it has been awhile since i actually made a new post. i've been sorta busy with assorted things. i've done some pics and made some tags but over all i have had a HUGE creative block. i totally crapped out on some ATCs that i had to send on to Kristin. far from my best work.

but on a funner note i finally did the deed. what, you might ask? i finally dyed Chance's hair. we have been growing it out for 6 months so we could dye it to look like Johnny Test. i asked the woman that does my hair if she could do it and she told me that if i wanted to save money i should do it myself. she was talking about it costing me $70 or $80! all the dye together was just over$20. but i swear i would have paid it!!! at least as a boy i could shave it if it turned out looking like crap. after 3 hrs of applying chemicals i am actually proud of how it turned out.

i also put some in Isabelle's hair. i wasn't sure how that would turn out since i had to bleach Chance's hair before i put the golden color on. but wow!! the red really took!

which leads me to my hair. i got a perm 2 weeks ago. i was just so tired of it hanging and no real way to style it. i might also add that i have a very funky streak of gray growing in right in the front. i truly could care less but it seems to bother other ppl. so since i'm going to a Motley Crue concert for my birthday i thought why the hell not! insert the fact that i am also a tight wad and HATED the thought of dumping an almost full tub of red hilighting dye down the drain, i had to dump the bleach hilights, my hair is just too dark! it is no way as good as what i accomplished on the kids hair, it's hard to do your own hair, but i've got some red color there and could care less what others think.