Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthdays and Motley Crue!!

yesterday i celebrated my 32nd birthday, well i guess if you wanna call going to the grocery store celebrating. i do have a twin sister, Melissa, but we don't get together to do anything. she is my opposite. i usually spend the day with my lil family:) this year tho i got to go see Motley Crue!!!! well they played the night before but.....

me and my older sis Tina have always loved Motley Crue and last month i heard on the radio they were coming to The Arena in Corbin. woo hoo, i called my sis immediately from the truck. she went online and saw that tickets went on sale the following Monday at 10 am. we were there! we didn't buy floor sets cause see didn't want spend that much but we got awesome seats just to the side of the stage and up some. we were about 50 ft from the stage, i'll add here that the arena is small and holds about 6000 ppl so there really aren't even any bad seats.
hubby volunteered to go with me but in the next breath asked what do they sing? i could have died! note here, we were just getting ready to go see Larry the Cableguy at The Arena. after that horrible nightmare of trying to get in and out we learned to park in town and take the shuttle bus. The Arena only has one way in and out, straight up a mountain side.

weather was giving severe storms and we had to stand in the rain in a looooong ass line waiting to get wanded and got wet. security comes down the line saying no cameras! i asked what we were supposed to do if we rode the shuttle, leave it in lost and found and get it later. i'm like shit no, i was ready to catch the shuttle back to my truck. Tina's friend Sandra had just dropped her son off tho and she came back for them. her son works there and had front row center! he got some awesome pics and shared cause my phone just couldn't get the job done:( he even got to pass the bottle from Tommy Lee. (swoon here) Love Tommy Lee!!!!!!

btw, this was my first ever concert. i had to buy my sis a beer cause she forgot her id, i don't drink tho. i think i was getting a buzz from all the beer fumes tho, LOL!!! my ears are still ringing just a little. it was so small inside, the crowd was so loud combined with the bass i could barely make out the words even to songs i know from way back. but all in all i loved it!!!!!!!

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Kristin said...

Happy belated Birthday!! I'm so happy you had fun!