Friday, May 15, 2009


I have made 2 blinkies, YAY! these little boogers are a LOT of work but well worth it. They are for the tagger group i have become a co-moderator for on myspace, Soft Heart Designz. I followed the tutorial on Cen's Loft here. the first time i made one it just wasn't that great but i opened a blinkie from one of the scrap kits i've downloaded in photoshop and really saw how many layers there are. when i say layers i mean 40 or more. it's like making a cartoon, each graphic is moved a tiny bit on each layer and when it is animated, voila! i am very pleased with them and will make one for my blog at some point.

on a different note, a little over 2 weeks ago my little Maltese Popcorn was attacked by some dogs. he's such a little guy, barely 5 pounds, but thinks he's the resident bad ass. i heard our basset barking, sounded like she was barking at someone but she was looking off into the woods. no sign of Popcorn, he's always with Beauty when i let him out. i called and called. he slowly comes out of the woods and heads straight for the house. i put him in the bathroom, which is his room cause i was leaving. i got home a few hrs later and he was still shivering. as i was bathing him i found blood! scared the crap out of me!!!! he had 4 puncture wounds on his rear legs. 2 on each side and i couldn't get one to stop bleeding. our area vets suck!!! couldn't find one that was even in, this was a wed. afternoon. i held him wrapped in a towel all afternoon and evening. he's doing fine now and the wounds are healing but i worried all that evening about my baby.


Ann said...

Oh poor Popcorn. Sorry this happened to him.

Blinkies are alot of work. I have done a few before. I guess if you keep with it, you can make them in no time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vicky, it's Lori over at Creatively Yours Tags....I 'remember' popcorn...doing that cute lil pawprint picture tag of him. the name and that picture stood out to me! Ain't that true of all lil dogs? Groomed a Carin Terrier today that wanted to attack a German the German has a shih tzu 'brother' that she tosses around like a toy (and he LOVES!! anyway, back to Popcorn...hope alls well w/him, poor lil baby, he IS such a cutie and that picture is so awesome!! Ever thought of entering it in a calendar contest?? He'd win for a fall month, for sure!!