Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday!

well i finished the card for Kristin's challenge. actually i finished it Sunday nite and here it is almost Thursday. took me that long to get around to uploading the pics from my little camera. truthfully i suck at making cards but there are so many birthdays this month thought i'd give it a go. my baby is turning 11 on the 21st and me and my twin sis celebrate our 32nd bday on the 17th.

i used the heart flower i made from one of Kristin's other tutorials. it was my intention while i was doing it to add it to a card. well i followed Kristin's instructions for making a pop up card so i finally had a reason to use it:) after i finished the card i realized that it was really pretty simple. i also suck at stamps but am pleased with how well this one turned out.


Kristin said...

it came out perfect!! are you sure the tutorial was easy?

Ann said...

Love this. How have you been doing?