Monday, May 4, 2009

It's been a while.....

it has been awhile since i actually made a new post. i've been sorta busy with assorted things. i've done some pics and made some tags but over all i have had a HUGE creative block. i totally crapped out on some ATCs that i had to send on to Kristin. far from my best work.

but on a funner note i finally did the deed. what, you might ask? i finally dyed Chance's hair. we have been growing it out for 6 months so we could dye it to look like Johnny Test. i asked the woman that does my hair if she could do it and she told me that if i wanted to save money i should do it myself. she was talking about it costing me $70 or $80! all the dye together was just over$20. but i swear i would have paid it!!! at least as a boy i could shave it if it turned out looking like crap. after 3 hrs of applying chemicals i am actually proud of how it turned out.

i also put some in Isabelle's hair. i wasn't sure how that would turn out since i had to bleach Chance's hair before i put the golden color on. but wow!! the red really took!

which leads me to my hair. i got a perm 2 weeks ago. i was just so tired of it hanging and no real way to style it. i might also add that i have a very funky streak of gray growing in right in the front. i truly could care less but it seems to bother other ppl. so since i'm going to a Motley Crue concert for my birthday i thought why the hell not! insert the fact that i am also a tight wad and HATED the thought of dumping an almost full tub of red hilighting dye down the drain, i had to dump the bleach hilights, my hair is just too dark! it is no way as good as what i accomplished on the kids hair, it's hard to do your own hair, but i've got some red color there and could care less what others think.

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